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2 weeks ago
Why i love being a motivational speaker

You may speak good if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart. Because people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.Words have incredible power. They ... See more

2 weeks ago
How to manage Relationships in lockdown

A little live session on how to deal with relationship issues during lockdown...Lockdown Is a Stress Test for Relationships.The adversity of the pandemic and isolation is an emotional ... See more

3 weeks ago

save your business from corona, get a website.

1 month ago

We have to take care of the nature and protect it. Humans,Animals,plants,insects and even micro organisms plays important part for the circle of life. For last centuries we have been destroying ... See more

2 months ago

Everything will be good soon... Just hang in there & don't worry to much about it...
#stayhome #coronaviurs #workinpajamas #savetheeconomy #relax

2 months ago
what is the positive side of this situation...

What are the positive side of this critical situation?
Give your suggestions... Stay optimistic
#stayhome #coronavirus

2 months ago
Trip to Muzaffarabad

Sponsor my next adventure and video... And promote your brand to a big audience.

Muzaffarabad is a city found in AJK, Pakistan. It is located 34.37 latitude and 73.47 longitude and it is situated at ... See more

2 months ago

Exercise and nourish your soul daily...

2 months ago

When you fall, do it like waterfall... Sher Yar

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